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Although not a fit for every project, Superior has recommended design/build services to clients because of its effectiveness in maximizing both resources and results. In a design/build project, the company works closely with an independent design firm to meet the client’s needs and utilize cost effective methods and materials.

General Contracting

Superior offers clients flexibility with multiple contract options including lump-sum, cost plus, and guaranteed maximum price. As a general rule, this delivery method places sole responsibility for the project completion with the general contractor who usually holds all subcontractor contracts. Most of our completed projects have used a lump sum contract.  The major advantage to the Owner for using this method is knowing how much the project will cost prior to construction via a lump-sum bid.

Construction Management

When providing construction management services, Superior often takes on the role of contractor, assuming full control of the project from a construction perspective to ensure that client needs are met, and that the instructions of the owner or building team (owner/architect/superior) are carried out. However, Construction Management services are provided for a fee while the costs associated with project construction are assumed by the client.


Due to the large amount of skilled carpenters and tradesman that Superior has on staff we also provide services for other general contractors and construction managers including timber and metal stud framing, building siding and cladding, and interior finish work.

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